How I can Help

My journey began seven years ago when I first started on my self-improvement path. I read countless self-help and spirituality books, went to various transformational and meditation retreats, started a local meditation group, learned trades such as Yoga Nidra for consciously creating one’s life, and spent three and a half years working one-on-one with a depth psychologist and spiritual teacher. All of these things were paramount to my transformation. Along the way, however, I wished that there were a streamlined way for me to learn and transform my life. I craved a concrete structure as it felt like I was just getting bits and pieces without a clear map. In in the last seven years, I went from deep depression and suicidal ideation to a profound state of peace, joy, love, and feelings of connection. I still feel uncomfortable emotions from time to time, but they are a signal that something is wrong, rather than my normal state of being. Every part of my journey was an integral part of my process, and I am forever in gratitude to my teachers. My goal is to reach as many people as I can in streamlining the process of self-development so others with ASD do not have to do all the sifting and blind exploration that I did on my way to wellbeing. 

Leanna Buckingham has a Master of Science in Special Education and has been teaching since 2009. She is also a certified life coach through Achology and a certified AsperCoach through Asperger/Autism Network (AANE). She leads a meditation group in her local community and coaches both neurodiverse and neurotypical clients with life goals, wellbeing, and consciously creating their lives. Although she still has challenges to overcome, she has worked through many intense struggles being on the autism spectrum and has come to a place in life where her ASD traits are precious gifts rather than resisted pain points. Once believing all her problems came from the outside, she now realizes that she actually holds all the power of her reality within. Her life purpose is to help others who have ASD transform their lives to peace, love, joy, fulfillment, and connection the same way she did. If you think it is impossible, be assured, it is not. Leanna once believed it was impossible too!