When you want to make a change, a personal coach can make all the difference.

Sometimes people just need a little help to take extraordinary leaps in their lives. Whether you are navigating college, trying to land the perfect job, having difficulty starting or completing tasks, or are interested in personal growth, I am here for you! I offer intensive, highly individualized coaching with a focus on identifying and overcoming the specific barriers you or your loved one faces. Through one-on-one support sessions, coaching helps clients perform executive functioning (organizational/planning) tasks, access social opportunities, acquire skills necessary for employment, and more.

Personal Coaching Offered Online, or In Person in Redding, California and Novato, California

Individual Sessions $150

Purchasing individual coaching sessions is a great way to pay as you go while staying within your budget and still reaping the benefits of one-on-one coaching.

Four Weekly Sessions $480

Purchasing four sessions offers a discount of $30 per session. We can curate and implement a solid plan in four weeks. Most clients purchase a second four week package to see their goals all the way through.

Eight Weekly Sessions $800

The eight week package is steeply discounted in recognition of your dedication. Most clients achieve one to three goals in an 8 to 10 week time frame. All future sessions may be booked singly at $100 each.

Contact me for a free consultation

We will discuss the process in more detail and I will answer any questions you have. We will also make sure that we are a good fit to work together. If for any reason either of us feels we are not the best match, I will refer you to someone else who can help.